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Accommodation Information

List the auxiliary aids and services, including housing and/or dietary accommodations, that you believe will enable you to be included in the Piedmont community: (e.g., taped lectures, test accommodations, extra time, quiet room, help with note taking, housing, dietary, etc).  Note that you do not have to use all accommodations in all settings every time. 


In order to determine reasonable accommodations that enable full participation within the Piedmont College community, the College requires current and comprehensive documentation of the students’ condition from a licensed professional or health care provider that is not a family member. Please include recommendations for success in a college environment and suggested academic accommodations. This information should be sent on official letterhead from the licensed professional or the health care provider directly to Piedmont College Office of Resources and Services, PO Box 10, Demorest GA 30535.
All documentation submitted to Disability Support Services is considered confidentialRequired
By my signature I affirm that all personal statements and documents that I am submitting in support of my request/s are true and correct.  I understand that falsifying or misrepresenting facts or information may result in disciplinary action.

I authorize the Piedmont University Office of Resources and Services to receive information from my provider or providers. I also authorize my provider, or providers to discuss my conditions with the appropriate Piedmont University personnel on an as needed basis.  

I authorize the Piedmont University Office of Resources and Services to release necessary disability related information to my professors, advisor, administrative staff, dining personnel and Student Affairs personnel as needed.

I authorize Piedmont University Office of Resources and Services to discuss my circumstances with my parent or guardian (listed below).

These authorizations are voluntary and I may revoke my consent at any time through a written, signed and dated requested to the Office of Resources and Services. I understand that if I choose not to have certain University personnel notified, this may cause the accommodations I receive to be discontinued.


A student who wishes to file a complaint or grievance will find the information in the Student Handbook.


If you would like to authorize parent(s)/guardian(s) to discuss your circumstances with the Office of Resources and Services.

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